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Virtual Classrooms: Research and Evaluation for the National Online MPA-IG Program


Virtual Classrooms:

Research and Evaluation for the National Online MPA-IG Program

One of my assigned duties for the Spring 2010 semester is to research and evaluate different options for virtual classrooms and lecture capture for the National Online Master of Public Administration – Inspector General Program.

The types of products I will be evaluating include virtual meeting spaces and lecture capture. In regards to lecture capture, I will focus on Integrity, Snapz Pro, and Mac OS X Podcast Producer 2.

In regards to virtual meeting spaces, I will be looking at Elluminate, WebEx, WizIQ, GotoMeeting, and possibly Adobe Connect. I am also open to adding new options. Lots of technology, so little time!

Check back soon for more blog postings and developments.

by: Adam S. Wandt, Deputy Chair for Instructional Technology, Department of Public Management, John Jay College of Criminal Justice.


  1. Alyson Vogel

    We’re engaging in this same research route for lecture capture exploring WebEx for tutoring that can be recorded and used synchronously- and as yet have not chosen a live lecture capture program (We are using Mac OS X Podcast Producer for recorded sessions (within the next few weeks it will go live). We should share notes and experiences because I’ve used Adobe Connect extensively both for teaching and my own learning (was in a class that used it exclusively to teach Coaching and it was a fantastic experience if not buggy as they all tend to be!).

  2. Lynn Kenneth Packer

    You may want to take a look at a system I deisgned for a Utah law firm. You can see a video tour at Since then a Utah company and I brought to market a compact, portable lecture capture version of the AV/IT part of that system. Details at V-Chassis combined with the UniDisplay rich media display system and method makes up a complete lecture capture system.

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